a day in the life of a former teacher

I have received messages from former students regularly but yesterday I got two about the same topic: writing. I miss being a teacher. And my former students mean a lot to me, so I take it seriously when they reach out. They wouldn’t if they didn’t need me, and it means a lot that theyContinue reading “a day in the life of a former teacher”

Hemingway wasn’t Hemingway until he was Hemingway…

This is what I want to say when you ask me. and there he sits. the old man alone. late in inky blackness, the light shrunken to a stale pool of defiant solidity nightbirds mock. he cannot hear the barrage of inanity; his internal temperature is too high for that, the war raging behind hisContinue reading “Hemingway wasn’t Hemingway until he was Hemingway…”

Trauma Informed Response

I feel the need to say something, both as a parent and as a teacher. The latest personal news from DC involves the sharing of lived trauma. This sharing has drawn both support and ire, as is usual within the American political landscape. I feel for what those people lived through, AOC in particular. She’sContinue reading “Trauma Informed Response”

I repaired a stuffed animal this morning

Well, it was a shirt on a stuffed animal. A green shirt on a little panda that my daughter calls Pandy. We picked the critter up in London in the long-gone and much lamented pre-COVID19 days… I don’t know why they make these things so fragile (read: I do, but it’s not acceptable), and IContinue reading “I repaired a stuffed animal this morning”